Opportunities and Internships

Roya regularly offers paid internship opportunities as well as volunteer work depending on its needs and current projects. Those interested can take advantage of these opportunities to improve their skills under the supervision of well-known professors and experienced experts and help promote justice and human rights.

In addition to the specific and project-based opportunities posted below, Roya welcomes interns (often paid) all year round. These general internships expose students and young professionals to the operations of a small non-profit and the work that Roya does globally.

Current Opportunities

Paid Remote Translation Internship:

Roya is seeking an intern to aide translate legal documents and reports from English to Persian (Farsi/Dari)

– Undergraduate students majoring in law, political science, international relations, journalism, or other related fields,
– Interest/experience in translating legal articles, essays, documents, reports, focusing on the Roya working field

To translate legal articles, essays, documents, reports from reputable individuals, such as UN thematic rapporteurs and prominent institutions such as specialized UN agencies from English to Persian/ Dari. The materials could be selected by Roya or suggested by the interns.


  • Remote internship under the supervision of an experienced instructor
  • Get Roya’s support to publish the translated work (after approval by the supervisor)
  • Certification for your internship
  • Remuneration at a competitive rate for student work


Duration: 10 to 15 hours per week, for 3 to 6 months
Start time: August 20, 2020 or soon after

How to apply:
Submit the following documents via [email protected]

  1. Short letter of interest
  2. Resume
  3. Short sample translation from English to Persian (include the original English text)

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