About Us

Who We Are

The Roya Institute is a New York-based non-profit organization dedicated to promoting justice and human rights around the globe.

Why Roya?

Roya in some of the most widespread languages in the Middle East and behind, like Arabic, Farsi/ Dari, and Turkish means “dream,” and with a little tolerance in could mean “beau-ideal,” “desired” and “the ultimate goal.”

Naming the Institute as “Roya” refers to the fact that “Global Justice” is the dream and ultimate goal of its founders, members, and colleagues. And it will be the core of the Institute’s planning, policies, and activities. 

Why Global?

“Global” means all-encompassing and worldwide, what is relating to the entire world, in addition to human beings includes the nature, environment, cosmos. Compared to “international” means foreign or multinational and refers to nations and human societies’ collaborations. 

By using the word “Global” instead of “international,” we wanted to say that we need to have justice-based and balanced relationships, not only between humans but also between humans and nature, the ecosystem, the environment, the Mother Earth, and the globe, as a whole, as an intertwined and alive system.

Based on this holistic and inclusive perspective, studies and activities related to the relationship between man and nature, as well as the promotion of economic development while protecting the environment, are among the core areas of the Institute works.

The Institute’s main office in NYC and its Advisory Council organize, monitor, and evaluate the global activities that are conducting in collaboration with local representatives in various countries.


Why Justice?

Everyone knows that there are different schools of thought in defining the basics and theories of justice. These debates are important. Because without having an influential justice theory (theoretical foundation), there will be no way to sustainable, comprehensive, inclusive justice. As without having a theoretical basis for human rights, the state and society cannot enforce the rules of human rights and grantee everyone’s dignity. But because the ongoing, even endless theoretical debates, do not stop us from moving and taking action, and as a summary of centuries of controversy and discussion, let us accept this definition of justice: “Being everyone and everything in its proper place.” In other words, “A situation in which everyone and everything could reach its proper perfection.” So, Roya Institute will try to support research, education, public awareness, and policies that lead to “equal opportunities.”

As understood from the first paragraph of the preamble of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, the reason for the importance of those rights is that they are the foundation of justice.

The paragraph says: “Whereas recognition of the inherent dignity and of the equal and inalienable rights of all members of the human family is the foundation of freedom, justice, and peace in the world,”

We believe that justice is a broad concept, with diverse, interactive, and integrated dimensions. Nevertheless, the Institute based on its capacity, interests, facilities, and capabilities prioritize some aspects of justice and focus our activities and facilities mainly on advancing them: legal justice, sustainable and balanced social justice, educational justice, cyberspace justice.

Who We Serve

Roya Institute provides its services to all.  Our most fundamental principle is to respect the dignity of all humans, and work to proactively prevent discrimination based on race, color, sex, language, religion, social or national origin, birthplace, political opinion, or for any other reason.