Bangladesh Policy for the Prevention of Bullying and Ragging in Educational Institutions

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Roya Institute is delighted to congratulate our Bangladeshi colleagues on adopting anti-bullying regulations in educational institutions within their country. Academic bullying, often overlooked, represents a significant challenge to academic freedom. We express our hopes for the comprehensive enforcement of these regulations among Bangladeshi professors, teachers, and educational administrators. Such implementation promises to foster a more conducive educational environment, nurturing critical thinking and cultivating the values of active learning and self-assurance in students.

We sincerely thank Ms. Alida Saqi, one of the representatives of the Roya Institute in Bangladesh, for sharing this information and encouraging news.

More details about these progressive and forward-looking regulations are as follows:

In an effort to curb bullying and ragging at educational institutions, a policy has been issued mandating strict measures against teachers and students involved in ragging, the training of specific teachers as counselors, and regular monitoring and cooperation from institution authorities and field-level education administration officials, reports Dhaka 


The announcement was made in a press release signed by Secretary of the Secondary and Higher Education Division Suleman Khan yesterday. The policy will be implemented immediately. The policy is on the Ministry of Education’s website and will have to be enforced at all educational institutions across the country.

It was sent to the chairman of the University Grants Commission, vice-chancellors of all universities, and heads of all institutions. The “Policy for the Prevention of Bullying and Ragging in Educational Institutions 2023” will be applicable to all educational institutions in the country. It states that each educational institution must form a bullying and ragging-prevention committee.


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