December 14- Book Launch: Contemporary Eco-theology, Climate Justice and Environmental Stewardship in World Religions

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One of Roya’s website tasks and functions is to introduce the research achievements of its colleagues (advisory board members, global representatives) and alumni. 

Now we are pleased to announce that Dr. Louk A. Andrianos (a member of Roya Institute advisory board) and his colleagues recently published a book titled: “Contemporary Eco-theology, Climate Justice and Environmental Stewardship in World Religions” (ECOTHEE. VOL. 6) from the 6th edition of Ecological Theology and Environmental Ethics (ECOTHEE) conference. 

That conference was held September 23-26, 2019, under the auspices of His All Holiness the Ecumenical Patriarch Bartholomew I and with the support of the World Council of Churches (WCC) program on Care for Creation, sustainability, and climate justice (Ecological and Economic Justice) at the Orthodox Academy of Crete, Greece.

Today, a kind of global consensus has been formed on the importance of climate justice and the need to find sustainable solutions to deal with devastating environmental change and the prevention of climate apartheid. Fortunately, a number of religious leaders and institutions have joined the environmental movement over the years. Conferences held regularly at the Orthodox Academy of Crete are an example of collaborations between religious leaders and scientists to promote public knowledge and insights about nature conservation. A valuable collection of papers presented at the 2019 conference has been published in this book.

There is a book launch event on Dec 14, 2021, to introduce this book and get to know the editors and some authors. All interested parties are invited to participate in this program.

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Participating Organizations

 • World Council of Churches (WCC)

 • Orthodox Academy of Crete (OAC)

 • the University of Applied Science in Western Norway

 • European Christian Environmental Network (ECEN)

 • Lutheran World Federation (LWF) 

 • Church of Norway

 • VID Specialized University

 • Roya Institute for Global Justice 

 • World Wildlife Fund (WFF) 


17.00-18.30 CET (GENEVA) 

11.00-12.30 EST (NEW YORK) 

18.00-19.30 (ATHENS) 

8.00-9.30 PST (VANCOUVER) 

We are looking forward to meeting you at this Zoom event.