Publication of “The Etiquette Guidelines of Critical Thinking,” the New Book of Dr. Akhlaq

Roya Institute, is pleased to announce “The etiquette guidelines of critical thinking” (آداب درست اندیشی /Adab-e DurustAndishi) has been published by Maqsodi publisher in Kabul, Afghanistan, January 2023, in Dari language. 

The author, Dr. Sayed Hassan Akhlaq, is a Roya Institute Advisory Board member. He teaches Philosophy and Critical Thinking at Coppin State University and Marymount University. 

It is a timely volume, a comprehensive and accessible introduction to standards elements of critical thinking that provides rules for the etiquette and ethics of good reasoning and assessing and organizing sound arguments. It addresses anyone who wants to use reasons and evidence in support of conclusions; to be clear, not confusing; be persuasive, not dogmatic; and learn to evaluate arguments in both verbal and written, in personal and public discourse.

Providing the ultimate ‘how-to’ book, it consists of the following twelve chapters:

1.    Basic elements of critical thinking

2.    Arguments by example

3.    Arguments by analogy

4.    Arguments from authority

5.    Scientific arguments

6.    Moral arguments

7.    Deductive arguments

8.    How to develop reasoning

9.    Argumentative essays

10.  Oral arguments

11.  Public debates and critiquing the media

12.  Irrational techniques of persuasion

The author simply and carefully develops ideas, step by step allowing the reader to develop their own interpretive skills, verification skills, and reasoning skills along the way. An enlightened society, book argues, is only possible if students develop critical thinking.

This book is the first one of its kind in Farsi.

 Roya Institute congratulates Dr. Akhlaq on this success and wishes him more achievements.