Roya Institute Participation in the CONGRESS ON GENDER STUDİES CGS22

Roya Institute actively participated in the online event titled “Congress on Gender Studi̇es CGS22: Appearances of Violence”. This conference was held on 16-18 November 2022, in Istanbul local time. 

The organizing institutions are:

  • Karadeniz Technical University’s Women’s Studies Application and Research Centre (KTÜKAM)
  • Altınbaş University Gender and Women’s Studies Research Centre (TOKAMER)
  • Karadeniz Technical University Centre for Strategic Research (KTÜSAM)
  • ATINER Greece
  • CESRAN International, UK

At this conference, more than 80 people from universities, research institutes, and NGOs from different countries of the world presented their ideas and research results, including Albania, Algeria, Bangladesh, Brazil, Bulgaria, France, Germany, Greece, Hungary, India, Iran, Israel, Morocco, Mozambique, Nigeria, Pakistan, Poland, Portugal, Slovenia, UK, and USA.

Roya Institute had three presentations on less investigated topics and dimensions of discrimination against women, as follows: 

November 16, 2022: 

Presentation title: “ An Invisible Discrimination Against Female Writers.”

Dr. Seyed Masoud Noori, 

Mahak Rathee, Roya Institute Global Representative (India) 

November 17, 2022:

Presentation title: “Women & political leadership in South Asia

Dr. Seyed Masoud Noori, 

Tasmim Mouly, Roya Institute Global Representative (Bangladesh) 

November 18, 2022:  

Presentation title: “Women and Academic Freedoms in the Indian Subcontinent

Dr. Seyed Masoud Noori, 

Alida Saqi, Roya Institute Global Representative (Bangladesh)