5 ways you can get involved in Earth Hour 2021

Nature is essential for our survival and our existence. But we are destroying nature faster than it can replenish itself. We must change course. 

COVID-19 has knocked many plans intended to set nature on the road to recovery off-track – but as we emerge from a global pandemic, we look to a global recovery for our natural world too.

Around the world, more people than ever are getting behind action #ForNature. World leaders have signaled support for positive change, but we need these actions turned into words. That’s why Earth Hour 2021 is more important than ever, not just to bring us together, but to shout loud for our future and the future of humanity.

Even though many of us are confined to our homes, there are still ways to get involved and speak up for nature this Earth Hour.

1. Speak up
2. Switch on
3. Inspire others to take action
4 Change something in your daily routine 
5. Show the world you care

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