Report on the Second Event of the “Meeting with Authors and Translators” Series

One of the Roya Institute programs is a series titled "Meeting with Authors and Translators'' series. The first event of this series was held on December 10, 2020, which was an interview with Professor Emilia Justyna Powell on the publication of her new book "The Islamic Law States and International Law: Peaceful Settlement of Disputes."

The second event of this series was held on September 16, 2021, and moderated by Aisyah Binti Mohd Soberi (Roya Institute representative in Malaysia), focused on the Clinical Legal Education Handbook.

In this event, Linden Thomas (a senior lecturer and the supervising solicitor for the pro bono programs at the University of Birmingham Law School), one of the book’s editors, has talked about the book’s main ideas and the process of its compiling and editing.  Then Dr. Siapush, the supervisor translating the book into Persian, talked about his and his team’s experiences. 

The program’s audio-visual recorded file is available here.

The English text of the book (University of London Press, 2020) is available to everyone here.

As we previously shared this news in English and Persian, by Roya Institute support, a team of translators led by Dr. Ali Akbar Siapush has translated this book into Persian. We have provided the PDF version of this translation (with the official and written permission of the authors and in compliance with the copyright regulations) for free to Persian language readers.