Educational activities are the basis of the institute’s work in an interactive and trainee-centered way. These training programs will be provided by experienced and internationally recognized professors and justice advocates in various formats, such as online, face-to-face, summer school, and workshops.

Educational topics will cover a wide range of justice-related topics, including environmental and cyber justice, human rights, especially economic, social, and cultural rights. Our trainees will also be diverse groups, including, including, but not limited to, high school and university students, lawyers, journalists, university lecturers, civil and religious activists.

If you are interested in participating in dream training courses, or if you are in charge of an organization and you want to provide a good training opportunity for your employees, or if you have a teaching background in topics related to the goals of the institute and want to share your knowledge with us, We welcome you. Please contact us at [email protected]
Roya is committed to eliminating cost as a barrier to education. Though our courses have associated fees, thanks to the generosity of our donors, we are often able to provide scholarships and assistantships. For more information, see each course’s event page or contact us at
[email protected]. If you are thinking about helping, we invite you to consider a sponsorship or a membership.