Inviting Students, Professors, & Other Academics to Support A Research Project By Filling Out Its Questionnaire

Roya Institute representative in Bangladesh, Alida Binte Saqi, is doing a research project on academic freedom focusing on (but not limited to) the Indian Subcontinent. 

Please read her message and participate in her research by filling out the related questionnaire. 

Please note that “Academic Freedoms” directly or indirectly concern everyone. Therefore, everyone is invited to participate in this research and other studies and measures to promote and ensure it.

Alida’s message is as follows: 

Dear all, 

I am Alida Binte Saqi, a Lecturer of Law from Bangladesh. As a recipient of the SAR/Mellon Fellowship of 2022, I am doing a research project on the understanding, problems & probable solutions regarding academic freedom of the University teachers and students focusing on the Indian Subcontinent, that is, Bangladesh, India, and Pakistan. For that, I am doing a survey in different countries. This survey will help in portraying the perception of academic freedom in the Indian Subcontinent and beyond. (All of the information will only be used for research purposes regarding academic freedom. Your specific identifying information is not required.) My research findings will be made available to you all via my LinkedIn or email

The Questionnaire survey will not take more than 30 minutes to answer. But it will be a great help to the research team. Thank you in advance for your cooperation and time.

You can find more information about the SAR/Mellon Academic Freedom Fellows profile here.

Please fill out the questionnaire by July 15.