Prof. Ibrahim Kaya

Ibrahim Kaya was born in Istanbul and graduated from the Ankara University/Turkey in 1992. Obtained his masters degree (LLM in Public International Law) from Nottingham University/UK and PhD from Keele University School of Law/UK in 1995 and 2000, respectively. Ibrahim Kaya is currently a full professor of International Law at Istanbul University, Faculty of Law and at the same time the vice rector of Anadolu University in Eskiseir/Turkey. He served as the Director of Human Rights Law Centre of Istanbul University for many years. He has carried out academic research, training and teaching in many European and US Universities including European University Institute/Italy, Institute of Advanced Legal Studies and Manchester University/UK, Central European University/Hungary, Ausburg University/Germany and University of Massachusetts/US.
Prof. Kaya involved many European Union and Turkish research projects. He has extensively published on international legal issues.
His books include The Law of the Non-Navigational Uses of International Watercourses (Ashgate, 2003), Turkey’s Asylum Strategy (Ankara, 2010), International Migration and Turkey (Legal, 2012). He has recently translated Malcolm Shaw’s International Law (Cambridge, 2017) to Turkish, which has been published by the Turkish Academy of Sciences in 2019.
Prof. Kaya is frequently consulted by public and private agencies and appears on international and Turkish media.