Rosa Tedjabuwana- Indonesia

Rosa Tedjabuwana is a lecturer at Universitas Pasundan (Bandung, Indonesia), Law Faculty, a member of the Association of Indonesian Legal Philosopher (AFHI) (since 2019), and a licensed lawyer experienced in legal aid activities as a public defender.

His research interests include Philosophy of Law, fundamental problems of law, especially in the relationship between law, logic, and ethics, international Law, Air, and Space Law.

Since undergraduate student at Universitas Pasundan, Rosa has engaged in CLE activities. He and his colleagues are developing a more sustainable program for CLE courses, such as integrating CLE into the mandatory curriculum, international programs, and annual recruitment for student volunteers.

Rosa has received his bachelor’s degree of Law (SH) from Universitas Pasundanin (in 2009) and his Master of Law (MH) from Universitas Padjadjaran – Bandung, Indonesia (in 2015).