Roya Institute Representative in Bangladesh Selected as One of the Mellon/SAR Academic Freedom Fellows

We are pleased to share the good news with you on the eve of International Women's Day (March 8). The Roya institute representative in Bangladesh, Ms. Alida Binte Saqi, has succeeded in gaining the Mellon/ SAR Academic Freedom Workshop & Fellowships out of many applicants from all over the world.

⏰ 1/5 Minute

This program provides Alida and her four fellows a supportive professional community for researchers to develop and share related work on academic freedom and/or related higher education values. Their research will lead to a publishable article, new course offering, workshop, webinar, conference presentation, or other identified end product.

Over the course of the eight-month program through June 2022, fellows complete their proposed project and participate in regular virtual workshop sessions. They will be asked to present the progress of their work and offer feedback on the work of other fellows.

In the second half of the program, fellows are expected to prepare and deliver an online talk or webinar presentation of their work for SAR staff, network members, and guests. 

Alida’s project, titled Academic freedom in the Indian Subcontinent, current challenges, and potential solutions: Bangladesh, India, and Pakistan as case studies, focuses on academic freedom in the Indian Subcontinent. She will explore the current challenges and probable solutions based on data gathered from Bangladesh, India, and Pakistan (BIP). Interviews with scholars and students from the BIP will facilitate an understanding of the situation of academic freedom in these countries. Following data analysis, a guideline will be developed for the three countries to enshrine academic freedom as a right in their constitutions, state- and national-level laws and interpret academic freedom based on the findings of this project.

Congratulations to Alida, and we look forward to the results of her research project.

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