Fifth Session: Advanced International E-TOT Course

Experience and Practice of Legal Clinics, Case Studies

Fifth SessionA- Clinic’s sustainability, financing & budgeting
B- Sub-continent: Bangladesh,

Prof. Lisa Bliss, Prof. Richard Roe, Prof. Catherine F. Klein, Charisma Howell & Dr. Masoud Noori

Prof. Mizanur Rahman

In the following lines, the participants in each session expressed what they have learned, through keywords:


Financing a legal clinic
Clinical Communication
Interactive collaboration
Turn challenges into opportunities
Sustainable Clinic
The Importance of Summer Law School

Challenges of establishing a legal clinic
Financial support
Cooperation of charitable centers
Cooperation with non-governmental organizations
Discover specialized human sources expertise
Effective demanding

public awareness information
Interdisciplinary collaboration
University support
Attract public help
Focus on problem solving
Sharing experiences

In the following sentences the participants in this session expressed what they have learned in this lesson:

 challenges into opportunities in the field of legal clinic activities,

 There are many challenges to establish a legal clinic that we need to find the right solution.

 The challenges of setting up a clinic must be turned into opportunities and not giving up.

Attention to marginalized communities,

 Practical exercise of developing a vision statement ‌ and a mission statement,

 Continuing  participation in the planning of legal clinics,

 Creating satisfaction at the university or law school in establishing a clinic is the first challenge.

Turning challenges into opportunity,

Establishing a legal clinic is not an easy task unless you start with love.

 Legal clinics have a direct impact on the social-cultural, cultural and legal security of the community.

The importance of using the potential of students and their cooperation,

 The best situation for global progress in law is the establishment of legal clinics, street law and civil rights.

 Financial challenges can be turned into opportunities with creativity.

Raising donations can be very helpful in financing the clinic.

Each university is a clinic itself.

 We must be able to overcome the challenges so that we can have clinics that are beneficial to the community.

The effective role of legal clinics, including changing the educational atmosphere,

The sustainability of clinics is in the form of financing, and issues such as the use of specialists, lack of human resources, division of labor between volunteers, the need for licenses are among the other challenges we face in the legal clinic, but we must turn the challenges into opportunities.

 dealing with the challenges ahead and try to turn the challenge into an opportunity,

Financing methods for establishing legal clinics.

 Familiarity with the benefits of workshops and training courses and the experiences of active people  in this field is so effective and useful that can attract individuals and institutions to cooperate.

 Challenges and opportunities inside and outside of university,

How can new methods of education be applied within a traditional society while maintaining these values?

Legal clinics in the true sense of the word show social responsibility in the minds and insight of society.