First Session: Advanced International E-TOT Course

General and Thematic/ Specialized legal Clinics

First Session: Classification of legal Clinics & Their Specialized Practice,

Dr. Masoud Noori

In the following lines, the participants in each session expressed what they have learned, through keywords:


Intra-University Legal Clinic
General Legal Clinic
Specialized legal clinic
Thematic Legal Clinic
Out-of-university clinic
Mobile clinics
Specialized clinic
Legal Clinic
Legal services
Non-profit legal clinics
Virtuality of legal clinics
Types of clinics

Authority of Legal Clinics
Live or real clinics
Virtual Probono Training Clinics
Voluntary activity
Public access
public education
family rights
Support for vulnerable groups
The right to health
Legal claim
Special groups

Being free
Prevent the violation of people’s rights
Pyramid of need
Benefits of clinics
Temporary clinics
Human trafficking
The place of people in the formation of clinics
Legal education
free services

In the following sentences the participants in this session expressed what they have learned in this lesson:

Clinical work is an essential need of today’s community

 Law clinic as a way to achieve justice

 Familiarity with law clinics of law schools in other countries

Familiarity with the necessity and categories of law clinics

Law clinics should be established  in a way that are comprehensive and inclusive for the general public

 Closer familiarity with law clinics

Law clinics are a way to improve the state of justice in society step by step

 law clinics are of requirements for community

 I think about establishing a law clinic

In order to establish specialized law clinics, it is important to pay attention to the local, temporal and client needs

 Law clinics should be established in each geographical area depending on the needs of that area

Familiarity with different types of law clinics and paying attention to it can be a way to advance towards justice in society

Law education through law clinics is one of the best ways to promote law literacy in the community

 Clinics must have great academic authenticity

 Familiarity with the benefits of law clinics in the community

Types of classification of law clinics, their advantages and disadvantages and their position

 I got acquainted with the purpose of university law clinics and their classification (in general, a review of the previous course)

Deeper acquaintance with law clinics

 Familiarity with the concept of law clinic and its types

Classification of clinics into specialized (in terms of social preferences and the tendency of lawyers to work on a specific subject) and general (which has a wide field of activity and works on different issues due to the diversity of client needs)

Establishment of law clinics can pave the way for more people to become familiar with their rights, as well as provide people with access to rights, improve the level and status of rights in society and create justice

Familiarity with new specialists, more familiarity with law clinics and their impact on society Familiarity with the concept of law clinic and its types

Establishment of a law clinic for the realization of public justice

It was a good start

I learned about the nature of law clinics

Capacity of law clinics to secure citizenship rights

I knew the philosophy of the law clinic, and now I understand the importance of paying attention to local needs

Usually, the first session is about space and content, and you have to focus on law clinics

Familiarity with specialists and new concepts and the impact of clinics on the community and vulnerable groups In order to establish any law clinic

it is necessary that at first step conduct an assessment of needs in the focus area

Law clinics can be an achievement to promote justice in society