GAJE and Roya Institute Program Celebrating Nelson Mandela World Day

Following our previous post on the July 17 event (Celebrating Nelson Mandela World Day), Please see details of the program below.

First Part: Celebration of Nelson Mandela World Day

Key Speaker: Prof. David McQuoid-Mason

Topic: “Nelson Mandela: The International Human Rights Icon and the Man behind the Icon – Some Personal Reminiscences”

-Q & A

Moderator: Prof. Jeff Giddings

Second Part: Celebration of Appreciation for David’s Justice-based Efforts and His Impact on Clinical Global Movement 

Brief Remarks in Praise of David and His Outstanding Impact on Clinical Global Movement, by:

– Prof. Catherine Klein

– Prof. Maxim Tomoszek

– Prof. Leni Widi Mulyani

Closing Remarks: Prof. Leah Wortham 

Moderator: Prof. Ernest Ojukwu 

Date: Saturday, July 17

Time: 3 pm Durban /6 am Vancouver/9 am New York/2 pm London/4 pm Istanbul/ 3 pm Rome, Paris, and Berlin/6:30 pm New Delhi /7 pm Dhaka/ 8 pm Bangkok/11 pm Sydney and Melbourne).

Duration: 75 minutes

Zoom link:

Organizers: GAJE and Roya Institute for Global Justice

We are looking forward to seeing you on July 17.

Filip Czernicki & Lisa Radtke Bliss                           Seyed Masoud Noori

Co-Presidents of the GAJE                                     Roya Institute for Global Justice