Children are indeed the most valuable resource, and all nations must focus on the overall growth and development of children. However, one out of ten children worldwide is engaged in child labor, which poses a threat to the nation at large and the economy and has a long-lasting impact on the physical and mental health of the child.

“Children are our most valuable resource.”

-Herbert Hoover, 31st President of the United States

12th June has been marked as World Day against Child Labour to focus upon the plight of the child laborers all across the globe and also to lay out measures to eliminate it completely. Eradicating child labor has been a part of UN Sustainable Development Goal Target 8.7. This target aims to eradicate child labor in all its forms by 2025. There have been numerous positive steps in this direction. The global community made various efforts to raise awareness and eradicate child labor, but Covid-19 became a huge obstacle to such actions. 

The theme for 2021- Act now: end child labor! 

This year’s World Day against Child Labour focuses on the action taken for the 2021 International Year for Elimination of Child Labour. The International Labour Organisation and United Nations Children’s Fund shall be releasing new global estimates and trends on child labor in June 2021. This report will emphasize the impact of Covid-19 on the progress towards the elimination of child labor.  A “Week of Action” shall also be launched wherein the stakeholders will come forward and showcase the progress that they have made in carrying out “2021 Action Pledges”. 

All nations must come together to eliminate child labor in any form and provide a bright future to the children of their country. Children belong to schools, and they should not be forced into working in the early years. The steps taken towards eliminating child labor and providing holistic growth to the children shall have a massive positive impact. 

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Mahak Rathee

Global Representative (India) 

Roya Institute of Global Justice