Ninth Session: Advanced International E-TOT Course

Legal Clinic International & Regional Collaborations, Conferences

Ninth Session: GAJE and Its History, Goals, Structure & Activities; European Network of Legal Clinics

Prof. Frank Bloch Prof. Ulrich Stege

n the following lines, the participants in each session expressed what they have learned, through keywords:


  • Contribution
  • Challenges for Justice
  • Problem Solving
  • Justice Education
  • Impediments
  • Social Justice
  • Effects & Performance
  • GAJE’s Goals & Achievements
  • Interactive Sessions
  • Justice Promotion
  • Perseverance
  • Diligence
  • Enthusiasm
  • Knowledge Development
  • Universal Movement
  • Universal Justice Development
  • Educational Justice
  • Center for Method Exchange
  • Field Inspection
  • Transnational Law
  • Organization
  • Non-governmental Organizations
  • Interactive Sessions
  • Regional Exchanges

In the following sentences the participants in this session expressed what they have learned in this lesson:

Continuous cooperation of clinics, as an integral network, is necessary for promotion of the quality of clinics’ activities toward success.  

Making much more acquaintance with GAGE and enthusiasm for contribution in activities

Promotion of justice in confrontation of issues and challenges of legal clinics

Upon establishment of a legal clinic, there are lots of challenges and impediments which have to be removed. 

Making acquaintance with new challenges with which legal clinic are facing.

How do the activities and cooperation of lawyers lead to promotion of establishment of legal clinics around the world?

How to create a movement for legal clinics

We have to use all the capabilities and experiences hereof to promote and develop justice.

Upon establishment of legal clinics in various levels, we are facing with many challenges including educational challenges, public institutions, legal professions, civil rights activists. Accordingly, some ideas must be presented to resolve the challenges for  the achievement of the main goal.

To achieve justice, street law education may be used.  

Making acquaintance with universal movements to develop justice

Creating legal clinic movements and developing justice through justice education

Continuous clinical activities are of paramount importance to develop and advance a clinic.

Justice education is a way for justice development in the world.

Paramount of legal clinics in the communications without borders.

In establishment of a clinic, tension must be avoided and the experienced people must contribute.   

Regardless social, political and legal restrictive and non-restrictive issues of governments, legal clinics are necessary for each society.  

The activities fulfilled in legal clinics, as the pro bono service providers, are regarded as the motivation for development and promotion of the activity in question.

Researches, conferences, workshop and education are required for any legal clinics. This is the way taken by pioneers. 

We have to use all the capabilities and experiences hereof to promote and develop justice.