Tenth Session: Advanced International E-TOT Course

Legal Clinic International & Regional Collaborations, Conferences

Tenth Session: Asian Network of Legal Clinics & Asian Journal of Legal Education,

Prof. Bruce Lasky, Prof. Wendy Morrish

In the following lines, the participants in each session expressed what they have learned, through keywords:


Pro bono
Consumer Rights Clinic

street law
Approval of the educational system
Critical Thinking

Recreating education
Network of clinics
Implement ideas

In the following sentences the participants in this session expressed what they have learned in this lesson:

It is important to achieve dreams on time, not early.

Dreams will come true with small steps.

Clinical work can be started with small and simple steps.

A legal clinic is a legal requirement of any community.

Goals of the Asian Network of Legal Clinics.

  Patiently take all the steps of establishing a legal clinic.

Justice can be achieved with universal and universal determination.

Being together means success.

In order to set up and strengthen a legal clinic, it is very important to establish connections with important and famous clinical institutions in the world.

Clinical networks are very inspiring and effective because there are common goals in this direction that we can achieve.

Connecting with different clinical networks.

There is a long but very sweet and fruitful road ahead for clinics and it is not impossible to achieve clinical goals.

To have social justice in society, we need to leave behind six goals such as strengthening the student, the legal department, the faculty and the institutionalization of the educational system.

We must all work together to achieve justice in different dimensions in different places.

Using the help of many different people can be very effective.

Joining clinical networks is very important.

All our dreams will become true.

Legal clinics inspire human societies.

Working with those who want to make the world a better place is invaluable.