Seventh Session: Advanced International E-TOT Course

Experience and Practice of Legal Clinics, Case Studies

Seventh Session: Central Asia & South America: Georgia, and Brazil,

Prof. Richard Roe, Prof. Andre Pagani de Souza & Prof. Ketevan Iremashvili

In the following lines, the participants in each session expressed what they have learned, through keywords:


Children’s participation
Teaching rights to children
Cooperation and empathy
education and training
In-game training
Mutual understanding

proper negotiation
Creativity in legal thinking
Critical Thinking

Being productive
Mental empowerment
Emotional Intelligence
Immigration Clinic
Human Rights Clinic

In the following sentences the participants in this session expressed what they have learned in this lesson:

Sharing shared experiences can lead to a original idea.

Teach children how to think justice.

[help from] Other people in that area should be used to achieve justice.

Peace and justice as a result of educating children.

Cooperation, participation and negotiation are the best ways to achieve justice and peace.

Creativity in teaching legal concepts to children.

It is necessary to pay attention to the relationship between the location of the clinic and its field of activity.

The impact that a legal clinic can have on improving the performance of the legal community and society at large.

The rule of law, it leads to a better life.

New justice teaching and critical thinking and activating emotional intelligence.

Learn thinking and solutions from childhood.

The need to use the experience of countries that are similar to Iran in terms of development.

It is possible to move from traditional education to interactive and modern education by setting up legal clinics.

Get inspired to run similar courses.

In establishing legal clinics, we must consider international standards.

Big ideas and thinking about people have nothing to do with population and geography.

Familiarity with various and practical experiences in advancing the goals and projects of legal clinics.

One of the most important parts of a legal clinic is public justice education.

It was very interesting to get acquainted with new skills, especially using the game method to teach legal concepts.

Justice and peace can be institutionalized in children’s behavior and interaction from childhood.

The way of challenging children in order to teach them rights.

The importance of a legal clinic in terms of general education and improving living standards.

To teach justice, perhaps the first steps are to teach and practice justice-related issues to children.

The rule of law is a mutual respect for what we are agreed on.

Changing the teaching method through the legal clinics.

Teaching justice from childhood and the evolution of teaching methods using legal clinics.

Children’s rights are a range from allowing children the capacity to act to exercising their physical, psychological and emotional views without any abuse of children.

Teaching methods in legal clinics should be designed and used according to the subject and type of clinic and the age of the target group.