E-TOT Course, Eighth Session

Eighth Session: Professor-led Learning

Prof. Leah Wortham (CUA)

In the following sentences the participants in this session expressed what they have learned in this lesson:

Prioritize the educational goal over the content of the training.

It does not matter what we teach, the matter is what our students learn.

Focus on work with relaxation.

Education through student goals.

Teachers must try to eliminate the shortcomings they have in teaching.

Paying attention old fashion style that in absence of books and handouts, the teaching process was purely lecturing.

Learning should be considered the first goal of education.

Familiarity with various methods of professor-led learning and motivating students to class activities.

The teaching method should be selected according to the needs and goals of students.

Considering various factors in attracting attention and comprehensive opinion is one of the requirements of efficient and principled education.

The need to use the dynamic teaching method for all students and activate them, not just lecturing.

Professor-led learning methods can be effective but we must use new ideas to make them attractive.

It is more useful to use mixed methods in education.

Focusing on professor-led learning methods can be effective for students if teachers become creative.

The importance of using dynamic methods of teaching.

Targeting the teaching for students participation and understanding students spectations from professors are the key to successful teaching.

Use up-to-date teaching methods rather professor-led learning.

One minute test or writing is a useful way to know the outcome of training.

Professors by using various methods can change passive teaching to active one.

Student readiness for participation in the class is very useful.

Proper explanation of concepts reduces problems in teaching process.

Familiarity with active professor-led learning method;

Paying attention to the concepts of ‘threshold’ and ‘bottleneck’ are important in activating students and achieving efficient education.

As educators, by explaining the concepts of threshold we prevent sticking into bottleneck.

Focus on students learning goals with emphasis on the concept of threshold and bottleneck.

Using different methods that leads to better learning and more effective student participation

Key Words:

Teaching bottlenecks
Active learning
Students’ needs
Focus on the education’ goal
Learning during the exam
Learning skills
Pre-class preparation
Problem solving methods
Teacher-centered method
Reverse challenge
One minute posts
Rich content
Keep calm in the training process
Principles of effective teaching
Critical thinking
Self assessment
Effective teaching methods
Clinical teaching
Student learning objectives
The Socratic method
Lecture-based education
Philosophy of education