E-TOT Course, Ninth Session

Ninth Session: More in-depth discussion about Street Law programs, 

Lee Arbetman (Executive Director of Street Law, Inc.) & Amy Wallace (New York Law School)

In the following sentences the participants in this session expressed what they have learned in this lesson:

Street Law has a significant impact on promoting community insights.

Knowing the benefits and necessity of Street Law.

Promoting the legal literacy of the society by using Street Law programs.

Familiarity with Street Law and its benefits.

The mutual benefits of street law programs for law students and society.

Street Law must become a culture in society; Because it is a certain way to chieve social justice, which is the Goal of law.

Familiarity with Street Law, knowledge of its models and how it works.

The best way to get out of the one-dimensional way of law education is to set up legal clinics and promote Street Law programs.

Street Law programs are effective and constructive educational methods for students to have communication with the society, and also increase legal knowledge of the society.

I decided to after employment, visit the director of education ministry in the province where I work and use this opportunity to raise the level of public culture in my country.

Street Law is an effective aid to students in learning professional skills.

Teaching in Street Law programs by law students is an effective way to increase the legal knowledge of the society.

The content and methods of Street Law should be chosen based on their age and understanding so that there would be better results.

Street Law benefits both educator and learner.

The development of Street Law will give people a more comprehensive and deeper understanding of issues. In addition, doing some pro bono activities through street law strengthens the public’s relationship with the legal community and law students.

Public education to individuals, especially students, leads to an extension in education and also educator learning.

Teaching students the key and practical legal points to all.

Legal clinics play a key role in the general learning of law.

Do not withhold street law from society.

An important advantage of this program is the comprehensive and significant knowledge of legal ideas by people and mutual legal educators.

A law student by participating in Street Law programs, helps to promote the legal knowledge in social and cultural relations of the society and he/she can realize and understand theoretical concepts in practice.

Emphasis on experience in law education.

Street Law has many benefits for both parties involved.

Emphasis on Street Law and using students to promote legal knowledge in society.

Street Law
Promoting the level of legal education
Apply legal knowledge
Transfer of legal knowledge and skills
Moot court
Pro bono works
Applicable law research
Cultural understanding
Development of students’ social skills
Legal knowledge
Development of legal knowledge
Legal Clinics
Law for Justice
Reduce the social gap
Creator Interaction
Development of substantive law
Public speech