E-TOT Course, Second Session

Second Session: Rethinking & Rebuilding Law Professorship

Prof. Mizanur Rahman (University of Dhaka)

In the following sentences the participants in this session expressed what they have learned in this lesson:

Advocacy is with the poor who lead us to the teaching of justice, not advocacy for the poor.

In any goal we have, especially advocacy, professorship, seek to promote justice and the education of justice, humanity and the realization of human rights.

Our main goal is not to teach law, but to teach justice.

In order to teach rights to others, especially the poor and illiterate, their needs must be identified so that we can work with them to improve the current situation.

Advocacy with the poor is different from advocacy for the poor.

A brief introduction to the responsibilities of law schools, their role, and lawyers in a rebellious sense.

The new generation of jurists, the lawyers of the city of chaos, are not the praisers of power and the praisers of wealth, who should be the servants of the court of justice and the helpers of the poor.

Advocacy for the poor is advocacy for justice.

Central justice in the acquisition and application of rights in society.

Lawyers are social engineers, and in fact their goal is to teach justice not law.

Optimal education is a necessity for the administration of justice.

Lawyer for Justice (Community Interests).

In educating the new generation of jurists, we must move from teaching law to teaching justice in society.

We must offer our best to the students and be selfless.

Respect for the right to choose the freedom of cover in the form of indigenous and cultural cover in legal professions.

The necessity of training a social lawyer.

A clinical lawyer is a step towards the administration of justice in society.

To better teach rights, people need to be with them, not above them.

Rebellious students will shake power, position and privilege, and advocacy should be with the oppressed, not for the oppressed.

Training a lawyer is very important.

Our content and teaching method depends on the type of graduates we want to train.

The lawyer of the new or rebellious generation must break the power, privilege and position in herself/himself and in fact she must represent the oppressed and ultimately help empower them.

In order to establish justice at the community level, it is better to train lawyers and law graduates in a new way.

A lawyer must find a way to achieve the highest goal of law and equality with the least harm, and this is not possible except through the promotion of legal education.

The existence of different methods of law education can be effective and helpful in order to better empower and nurture the abilities of individuals with the aim of promoting rights in various dimensions and promoting justice in society.

The stereotype that I had in mind about teaching law changed somewhat, and I am more concerned with being flexible and creating an atmosphere that is in line with the conditions of society.

Rebellious lawyers would lawyer “with” the poor i.e. lawyer for justice.

I became somewhat familiar with new concepts in law education, such as rebellious lawyers, about which I did not know until now, as well as the method of teaching law professors in other countries.

Fully up-to-date and practical education in accordance with the educational needs of the academic community.

Justice-oriented education, how to raise public awareness using the capacities of law schools, rebellious law and its distinction with traditional law.

The main goals of freedom, justice and the rule of law will not be achievable without the use of various and modern methods and methods of law education, in order to raise institutionalized legal awareness to different groups in society and only then can change in legal systems be expected.


Rebellious lawyers
lawyer with the poor
lawyer for justice
The share of the vulnerable in justice
Promoting justice
Problem solving method
Justice-oriented education
New legal training
Street La
Justice in society
The interests of society
The best training method
Legal Clinic