The 25 years of Beijing Declaration and Platform for Action has tremendously made significant impact in the life of women and girls across the world. Pertinent issues that had held women and girls to their inherent talent and skills have received policies that has changed their paradigm. with the celebration of the joys and gains of the BDPA in 25 years and the 2030 Development Agenda, our team and partners are vouched to take the gains to the next 25years and the remaining 10 years of the 2030 Agenda.

The outcome from the Theme: Reimagining the Beijing Declaration on Girl Child: 25 Years After- the Launch of YOUTHGETHER, Gathering Youth for Global Action will seek to contribute toward strengthening the capacity of government bodies, corporate agency, institutions, organizations and community groups in advancing the course of the girl child for global engagement in development actions.

Through the launch of YOUTHGETHER, girls and youth will work to promote inter-generational discourse that will serve as a catalyst for deepening understanding on leadership, providing platform for learning about values and norms, embracing inclusive engagement and advancement for the future of the girl child. Today girls stand on the cusp of leading the future we want if provided with ample opportunity and platform for engagement into global action and advancement to benefit the future of all girls and boys.

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