E-TOT Course

E-TOT (Electronic Training of Trainers) Course on Introduction to Initiatives in Law Education

(Sep. 20- Oct.13, 2020)
Officially Approved by the GAJE

Roya Institute for Global Justice
Empowerment Through Law of the Common People (ELCOP)

Content: This 15-hour online course explores the social mission of law schools and, more broadly, the legal community, including bar associations. It will also be stated what initiatives these institutions have taken to fulfill their responsibilities to society. There will be a particular focus on innovations in methods of teaching law to students and trainees.

First Session: Introductory, Dr. Seyed Masoud Noori (NYU)

At the end of each session, students are asked to express what they have learned in one sentence:

Second Session: Rethinking & Rebuilding Law Professorship, Prof. Mizanur Rahman (University of Dhaka)

Third Session: Collaborative Reflection, Prof. Lisa Bliss (GSU)

Fourth Session: Critical Analysis, Professors Richard Roe (GTU), Catherine Klein (CUA), & Charisma Howell (GTU)

Fifth Session: Student-led Learning, Professor Leni Widi Mulyani (University of Pasundan)

Sixth Session: Simulations, Dr. Ali Akbar Siapoush, & Zahra Azhar, Member of the GAJE

Seventh Session: Experiences Intensive, Professors Richard Roe (GTU), Catherine Klein (CUA), & Charisma Howell (GTU)

Eighth Session: Professor-led Learning, Prof. Leah Wortham (CUA)

Ninth Session: More in-depth discussion about Street Law programs, Lee Arbetman (Executive Director of Street Law, Inc.) & Amy Wallace (New York Law School)

Tenth Session: Law Clinics, Bruce Lasky (Co-Founder/Co-Director of BABSEACLE), Wendy Morrish (Co-Founder of BABSEACLE)