Roya Institute Presentations at 3rd International Congress of Women in A Global World (WGW2022) Istanbul, Turkey

Roya Institute actively participated in a hybrid conference: the 3rd International Congress of Women in A Global World (WGW2022), December 01-02-03, 2022, in Istanbul, Turkey, with four online presentations.

This event was hosted by: 

– Istanbul Topkapı University (Topkapı)

– International Business School (IBS) 

– Universidade de Caxias do Sul (UCS)

– Escuela Interdisciplinar de Derechos Fundamentales (EUDF) 

In addition to Organizing Committee (with 25 members) and Congress Secretariat (with ten staff), a Scientific Advisory Committee had scientific supervision and expert evaluation. This committee includes experts from Africa (9 members), the Americas (15 members), Asia Pacific (10 members), Eastern Europe (45 members), Western Europe (12 members), and Near East (7 members).

In the 11 in-person sessions with 67 presenters and moderators and 17 online sessions with 118 presenters and moderators, people from universities, research institutes, and NGOs from different countries presented their ideas and research results in nearly 100 presentations.  

Roya Institute had fore presentations on less investigated topics and dimensions of discrimination against women, as follows: 

1- “Reflection on Invisible Discrimination Against Female Writers and Translators.”

Dr. Seyed Masoud Noori, 

Mahak Rathee, Roya Institute Global Representative (India) 

2- “Lessons from Women’s Leadership – A Case Study: South Asia in The Last Half-Century.”

Dr. Seyed Masoud Noori, 

Tasmim Mouly, Roya Institute Global Representative (Bangladesh) 

3 -“Women & Academic Freedoms, Current Situation, and Future Prospects- The Indian Subcontinent as A Case Study.”

Dr. Seyed Masoud Noori, 

Alida Saqi, Roya Institute Global Representative (Bangladesh)

4- “Two Less Addressed Forms of Discrimination Against Women in Academia & SDG #5.” 

Dr. Seyed Masoud Noori 

Andria Gilmour University of Utah, USA 

Touska Gholami Khaljiri, University of Łódź Faculty of International and Political Studies, Poland