The International Humanitarian Law Clinic

Call for attending a webinar on

“The International Humanitarian Law Clinic (IHLC),

its Structure, Goals, and Functions” 

Wednesday, November 18, 

(19-20:15 pm in Iran time/20-21:15 pm in Afghanistan/17- 18:15 pm Dutch time)

– Moderator, Ava Saliani: Speakers Introduction

– Prof. Heinsch presentation: The International Humanitarian Law Clinic (IHLC), An experience from the Netherlands

– Dr. Ali Siapush presentation: The Role of Clinics in Protecting of and Preventing Use of Child-soldiers in Conflict Situations

– Exercise on steps for creating an IHC (Prof. Heinsch and Dr. Siapush)

– Introducing the “Manual on how to set up and direct IHL Clinics” (Prof. Heinsch)

– Q&A

Participation in this program is free for all interested people, but registration is required.

For registration click here.