Advanced International E-TOT Course 2020

From General Clinics Towards Thematic/Specialized Law Clinics

Officially Approved by the GAJE

(Nov. 12- Dec. 3, 2020)

At the end of each session, students are asked to express what they have learned in one sentence:

General and Thematic/ Specialized legal Clinics

First Session: Classification of legal Clinics & Their Specialized Practice,

Dr. Masoud Noori

Second Session: Health Law Legal Clinic,

Prof. Lisa Bliss

Third Session: Anti-Human Trafficking Clinic & Family law Clinic,

Prof. Mohamed Y. Mattar & Prof. Catherine F. Klein

Fourth Session: Let’s Set up a Legal Clinic,

Prof. Lisa Bliss, Prof. Richard Roe, Prof. Catherine F. Klein & Dr. Masoud Noori

Experience and Practice of Legal Clinics, Case Studies

Fifth Session: A- Clinic’s sustainability, financing & budgeting
B- Sub-continent: Bangladesh,

Prof. Lisa Bliss, Prof. Richard Roe, Prof. Catherine F. Klein, Charisma Howell & Dr. Masoud Noori

Prof. Mizanur Rahman

Sixth Session: Africa: South Africa, Nigeria,

Prof. David McQuoid-Mason & Prof. Rebecca Emiene Badejogbin

Seventh Session: Central Asia & South America: Georgia, and Brazil,

Prof. Richard Roe, Prof. Andre Pagani de Souza & Prof. Ketevan Iremashvili

Eighth Session: The Middle East & Eastern Europe: Palestine & Poland,

Prof. Mutaz M. Qafisheh & Prof. Filip Czernicki

Legal Clinic International & Regional Collaborations, Conferences

Ninth Session: GAJE and Its History, Goals, Structure & Activities; European Network of Legal Clinics

Prof. Frank Bloch & Prof. Ulrich Stege

Tenth Session: Asian Network of Legal Clinics & Asian Journal of Legal Education,

Prof. Bruce Lasky, Prof. Wendy Morrish

Closing Ceremony